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About the Owner


Hello! My name is Erin and I am the owner of Elegant Extensions located in Uxbridge, ON.  

Having fine hair myself, I've always envied those with long, thick hair. On my pursuit of obtaining this, I tried various haircuts, styles, products and techniques with little success. Five years ago, I had my first set of extensions installed and it INSTANTLY fulfilled my dreams of long and luscious hair! ​ That was the moment I was hooked! I finally LOVED my hair. Styling it became fun. I felt beautiful. 

I became infatuated with everything related to hair extensions including installing them on myself, friends and family. With great success, all my "clients" raved about how much they loved their hair.  It became obvious that this was my passion so I took the necessary steps to become accredited. ​ ​It is my goal to share the feeling of joy and self confidence I felt with extensions. I strive to provide all my clients with top quality hair and have them feeling beautiful