Please follow the instructions below carefully to ensure you achieve maximum longevity and the best results from your extensions.

1. Do not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after fusion or tape in extensions have been installed. This allows enough time for the bonds to set.

2. Do not use shampoo or conditioner that contains sulphates. It is also preferable for alcohol not to be high on the list of ingredients and that it is not silicone based. These ingredients break down the bond and/or dry out the extensions. DO NOT USE ANY VOLUMIZING OR COLOUR DEPOSITING PRODUCTS as it will raise the cuticle of hair and can cause tangling and matting of the length. Purple shampoo is not recommended directly on the extensions.

3. Prior to bed, pull your hair back into a loose ponytail or braid to prevent tangling while sleeping.

4.  Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair. Brush your hair at least twice a day using a detangling brush such as a tangle tamer. Brush gently while holding the bonds. NEVER tug or pull on the hair.

5. Do not apply conditioner to the scalp but rather to the ends from shoulder down. TOO MUCH CONDITIONER OR VERY OILY/DIRTY HAIR CAN WEAKEN THE BONDS and your extensions will slip/fall out.

6. Every 2-3 weeks (more if needed) perform a deep conditioning treatment on your extensions, again from shoulders down. Leave it on for at least 30 min or overnight for excessively dry hair, in a shower cap. Rinse. FOR OVERNIGHT TREATMENT: put hair in low bun or braid to prevent the conditioner from reaching the bonds.

7. When swimming, it is recommended to tie hair up and keep it out of chemically treated water. If this is unavoidable, be sure to wash and condition your hair immediately after.

8. Do not over wash your extensions, however, THE BONDS WILL NEED TO BE THOROUGHLY CLEANED AND RINSED. Apply shampoo directly to scalp and gently massage in between each bond and gently smooth the shampoo down length of extensions. Wash your hair at least 2-3 times per week (more often for oily hair). Make sure bonds and extensions are completely dry before going to bed or putting hair up for an extended amount of time. If the bonds remain wet for an extended period of time, there is a greater chance of the bonds slipping/falling out as well as developing a fungus on the bonds.
Rinse your hair with cool water after washing to seal the cuticle and make your hair shiny.

9. When heat styling your hair, be sure to stay away from the bonds. It is best to use a heat protectant to minimize damage.

10.Some clients experience itching/discomfort/headaches in the first week or so. This is perfectly normal as your body adjusts to the extra weight. If you develop severe itching or sores, please contact me at (905)320-3493 as you may be experiencing a reaction and the extensions will need to be removed immediately.

11. To avoid matting at the root and damage to your natural hair, DO NOT WEAR YOUR EXTENSIONS LONGER THAN 8-12 WEEKS FOR TAPE-INS AND 4-6 WEEKS FOR MICROLINK/NANORING WITHOUT A MAINTENANCE APPT. Elegant Extensions will not accept any maintenance or removal appointment if regular maintenance appointments have not been made.

12. Each night, run your fingers gently through your bonds to ensure they are not matting with other bonds. If this happens, gently pull apart the bonds. If this is not possible, please contact me to book a maintenance appointment as soon as possible.

13. It is completely normal to lose a few bonds in the first few weeks. However, if you are losing more than a few, please contact me to narrow down the problem.


*hair extensions do not produce oils the way your natural hair does so it's EXTREMELY important to condition hair often. 

I recommend doing a deep oil treatment at least once every 2 weeks. My favourite is coconut and/or olive oil. Saturate the hair from ear down and let sit for a minimum of 2 hours then shampoo and condition as normal.



During installation, you will be shown the proper way to separate your bonds. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to prevent matting at the roots. Matting is the number one reason for damage from hair extensions and is completely preventable.